The Music Clubhouse is not offering Kindermusik classes at this time.

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About the Music Clubhouse

Our Mission
The Music Clubhouse is full of music making. In a fun and nurturing atmosphere, our music educators provide developmentally appropriate instruction in preschool music classes and piano study for all ages.

Our Programs
Three major programs are offered at the Music Clubhouse. Children newborn through age five participate in Kindermusik®, an international curriculum based on strong developmental research. Our Piano Detectives® Club, a beginning piano experience, is offered for children ages four-and-a-half to eight and provides a combination of group and private instruction. Private piano study is also offered, with lessons ranging from 30 to 60 minutes taught by teachers with extensive experience. Private study is available for students of all ages, including adults. More than 150 students take instruction at Music Clubhouse.

Our building also hosts Baby Sing and Sign classes with Erin Lawrence.

Our Setting
At the Music Clubhouse, students enter a physical setting which enhances the learning experience. A colorful “wonky village” mural surrounds the waiting room with playful students and critters in the windows of its houses.

“Piano Alley” is a suite of three private teaching studios that are appropriately decorated for students of any age. The “Piano Detectives Agency” houses a Yamaha grand piano and kid-size tables for active exploration and investigation. This room is cleared and set with chairs for private piano Performance Club four times a year.

Finally, the Kindermusik classroom features fun quilts, colorful shelves, and shiny buckets of instruments that capture the imagination of children. See the video, “Inside the Music Clubhouse,” at the bottom of the home page for a tour of the facility.

Location and Directions
Located in Lawrence, Kan., The Music Clubhouse can be found along west 24th Street. See map below.

The Music Clubhouse
808 W. 24th St., Suite A
Lawrence, Kansas 66046



The Music Clubhouse is closed during holiday breaks and between terms.

Interested in Kindermusik or piano programs at the Music Clubhouse? We'd love to hear from you. Send us your information and we'll get in touch with you soon.

About the Music Clubhouse
For 16 years, The Music Clubhouse has been full of music making!
We provide developmentally appropriate instruction to more than 150 currently enrolled students. Go inside the Music Clubhouse to learn more!

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