The Music Clubhouse is not offering Kindermusik classes at this time.

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Notes for Janet (updated July 4)

  • Slo Poke Office Computer:
    PC3200 memory (eBay)= $50 for upgrade to 2GB
    + Windows 7 clean install
  • Laptops
  • registration form for private lessons
    I had made a note of this back in August, I now realize, because your policies document did not actually contain a form or way to sign up. But after we discussed, I now realize you don't want them to use a form.
  • Needed from Janet:
    instructors page (from summer '09):

    - write a lead-in for the instructors' page, something about the collective background of experience, or maybe what the Music Clubhouse looks for in an instructor, or perhaps your teaching philosophy
    - explain the difference between Master and Bachelor levels and what "Licensed Kindermusik Educator" means.
    - noticed none of the instructors are listed as "masters" level ... and the one listed as "bachelor" level is not licensed in Kindermusik. Do you have to be licensed to achieve "masters" rank?
  • how does one sign up for birthday parties? Are adults welcome (max. number)? How many adults must be present w/ kids? Advance notice? Is clean up included?

To Work On:

  • Facebook Fan page
  • Add photos from Jane's party, esp. on birthday page
  • Unique page titles on all pages (programming)
  • set "contact us" Google form to notify Janet via em when submitted
  • resources for enrolled families incl. private piano policies
  • adding policies to private piano lessons

Notes (TE):
each year, Piano Detectives enrollment closes Oct. 31

cell: 979-1594


password: clubhouse

Google account:

Where to find items: along the top-left links menu (you may need to click "more" to see them)

• class availability spreadsheet
• web contact us form results

• schedules for enrolled families

• e-mail announcements list

• photo gallery

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