Music Clubhouse piano instructor Oliva performs on stage.The Artist Musician Program (AMP) provides a rich environment for musical growth for high-achieving piano students. It is tailored to fit highly ambitious students who thrive on challenge and inspiration to reach their highest potential.


Entry Requirement

To be considered for the Junior Artist Musician Program, students must be studying late elementary classical literature or beyond. To be considered for the Senior Artist Musician Program, students must be studying intermediate classical literature or beyond. Entrance to either division is not based on age or grade.



The annual cost of participation in the Junior Artist Musicians Program is $200, and the cost of Senior Artist Musicians Program is $250 (in addition to the student’s private lesson tuition), and is payable to The Music Clubhouse. This non-refundable fee covers all additional instruction, studio class materials, and excursion expenses.


Piano Literature and Technical Skills

The repertoire will emphasize classical literature. As part of their study, students will learn and play music from all eras of keyboard literature. Students will use listening and writing exercises to augment their literature development. The student will also achieve technical proficiency by mastering a series of skills (scales, chords, arpeggios, etudes, etc.) as outlined by the teacher in lessons.


Practice Requirements

Students must be committed to a practice routine that enables significant progress in technical work and repertoire and is at least as long as the private lesson. Thus, a student who takes a 45-minute weekly lesson would be expected to practice no less than 45 minutes daily.


In addition to private lessons, these students will attend one-hour studio classes at The Music Clubhouse on the first Sunday of each month from September through May, with the exception of January. The purpose of studio class is to provide extra performance opportunities, to inspire and learn from each other, and to foster a sense of community and friendship in a mostly solitary musical environment.


Artist Musician Recital

Each year in the spring, The Music Clubhouse will hold an Artist Musician Recital featuring only the AMP students. This event will be publicized in the community. Artist Musicians also play on the regular Music Clubhouse recitals so that all of our students can benefit from hearing advanced performances. Other performances open to AMP students are Lawrence Accredited Music Teacher Association recitals, special master classes, and other arranged community performances. Students will perform from memory.


Auditions and Competitions

Because of their enhanced study, we encourage AMP students to enter special auditions and competitions, such as the Kansas Music Teachers Association (KMTA) district and state auditions. More advanced students might enter concerto competitions offered by the Kansas City Music Teachers Association (KCMTA) and the Midwest Chamber Orchestra. AMP students are required to participate in KCMTA’s Music Progressions (performance critique and theory and listening tests). The instructor will announce these opportunities to students as appropriate. Most require an entry fee separate from the AMP program fee.


Concert Excursions

To inspire and teach students, The Music Clubhouse organizes two concert excursions so that students see and hear some of the best pianists to visit the region. The intent is for students and teachers to have shared experiences that are both fun and stimulating, experiences that enhance the teaching/learning process, and celebrate the joy of making music.


Artist Musician Program Faculty

  • Olivia Zimmermann, D.M.A  in piano performance, University of Kansas and Fulbright Scholar to Finland where she studied the music of Jean Sebelius.
  • Janet Hart, M.M. in piano performance and pedagogy, Westminster Choir College and The New School for Music Study.



Accelerated study is an option for 1) students in the Artist Musician Program who are pursuing advanced training in piano, or 2) any student who enjoys piano study and is not involved in a lot of other extra-curricular activities.

  • Two lessons per week
  • Lessons with the same or two different teachers*
  • 10% discount on overall cost
  • The two weekly lessons can be different lengths

*The Clubhouse offers the two-teacher option so that students are exposed to multiple points of view on their playing.