photo of Janet Hart Johnson at piano with a young boy during a piano lesson.The Piano Detectives Club is a program for children, ages 5 through 7 years old, designed to give beginners a positive first experience at the piano. The program offers both group and private instruction and has received national acclaim.

Students entering the Piano Detectives Club program have no previous piano study and may begin their journey either in our summer start program (June and July sessions available) or at the beginning of our academic year each August.

Summer Start Program and Enrollment

Summer Start Piano Detectives Club is a month-long class for students ages 5 through 7 years old with no previous piano study. The class includes eight class sessions, which meet for one hour on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Students may register for either the June session or the July session.

NOTE: The July session is not a continuation of the June session. A student should in enroll either in the June session or the July session, not in both.

Academic Year Program
In August of each year, we offer the following Piano Detectives classes:

  • First-year class for beginning students who completed the summer start program.
  • First-year class for beginning students who did NOT complete the summer start program (only available as space allows).
  • Second-year class for continuing students who have completed the first year of Piano Detectives.

These weekly classes are structured to advance musical growth at the piano over the 10-month academic year. Students enrolled in the academic year program need daily access to a piano outside of class.

The program includes 35 class sessions. The weekly classes are one hour in length. Students will explore elementary musical concepts through age-appropriate activities. These activities are designed to develop the following: rhythm skills, piano playing skills, theory understanding, and music reading ability. Each weekly class includes a short private lesson for each student.

Students in the Piano Detectives Club learn to share their developing musicianship with others while enrolled in the program. At specific class sessions in the fall, family and friends are invited to attend while students give performances and show his/her class work. Depending on student readiness, one or two recitals during the year provide the opportunity to play in front of a larger audience. Students of all levels participate, and participation is optional for our Detectives. Piano Detectives who choose not to play are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend.

After the first year, private summer study is available for detectives through June and July. The schedule can be flexible, allowing for family vacations and other events.

Need more information? Please contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have or send you additional details about our programs.

Enrollment: Academic Year Program

Piano Detectives Club (ages 5 to 7)
This is a 10-month course during the academic calendar year starting in August and concluding in May.

Class length:
60 minutes each, including 10 minutes private instruction

35 weekly class sessions

2021-2022 Piano Detectives Club calendar

Piano Detectives Club Policies

The policies stated below have been carefully constructed to ensure a quality relationship between the student and the instructor. The intent is to provide a sound educational environment for the student.

An academic year of study includes 35 classes. It is very important that students arrive promptly for each class. Late arrivals are disruptive and cause lost class time.

No make-up classes will be given to compensate for a student’s absence, and no refund of fees will be made. However, you may request a make-up private lesson at the instructor’s half-hour rate. The fee will be due at the time of the make-up lesson. Any class canceled by the instructor will be rescheduled. Students who need to withdraw permanently from classes are obligated to pay tuition for four classes following notification of the instructor.

Inclement Weather
If Lawrence Public Schools close due to inclement weather, then the Music Clubhouse will be closed as well. Our website will also be updated in the event of a weather closing. All classes and lessons cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled.

Parents’ Class
At the end of the first semester, a class period is set aside for parents to attend with their student (see calendar). Students will perform pieces for you and will want you to participate with them in the types of activities we do from week to week in class. Please find an alternative plan for younger siblings during this time so you can be fully attentive to your Piano Detective during this special time.

Music Clubhouse Recitals
There are several student recital opportunities offered each year. Typically, first-year Piano Detectives do not perform on these programs until the end of the first year of study at the Spring Recital in May. Students beyond the first year of study are welcome to perform throughout the year in as many recitals as they choose. Although we make our students aware of performance opportunities, no student is ever required to perform.

Summer Study
Piano Detectives who have completed at least the first year of study can enroll in private lessons through the summer months and still return to Piano Detectives Club in the fall (provided the class continues). The schedule can be flexible, allowing for family vacations and other events.