Music Clubhouse instructor Dan performs on piano on stage.We strive to provide a joyful and engaging experience at the piano for all students. Each lesson is a collaborative learning experience between student and teacher. Students learn sound musicianship from the earliest years that moves them toward independent life skills at the piano.

With this approach, students may pursue piano and music at advanced levels (see our Artist Musician Program) or simply have the ability to make and understand music to live a more-enriched life.

Regular private piano study is perfect for people at any level or amount of interest:

  • Children and youth beginners, K-12 (consider our Piano Detectives program for beginners ages 4½ through 7)
  • Adult beginners and “restarters”
  • College students (non-piano majors continuing study beyond high school or beginners)
  • College non-piano music majors needing help with class piano
  • Parents studying to be able to help their students learn (see our Parent Support Program)
  • Piano hobbyists

Piano Literature

For regular private piano study, our teachers choose from a rich assortment of piano literature — classical, popular, jazz, and sacred — to name a few, to weave together a well-rounded program for each student that includes theory and technique as well. Students in the Artist Musician Program focus primarily on classical literature.

Accelerated Piano Study
Accelerated study is an option for 1) students in the Artist Musician Program who are pursuing advanced training in piano, or 2) any student who enjoys piano study and is not involved in a lot of other extra-curricular activities.

  • Two lessons per week
  • Lessons with the same or two different teachers*
  • 10% discount on overall cost
  • The two weekly lessons can be different lengths*A two-teacher option is offered so students are exposed to multiple points of view on their playing.

Performance Opportunities

Performance Club: For two weeks of the academic year, private lessons are replaced by Performance Club, an opportunity for solo performance and the chance to experience additional coaching in a group setting. These special classes include activities designed to strengthen performance and listening skills.

Recitals: Four are offered each year: Halloween costume recitals, holiday recitals in December, and two more recitals in the spring. The first spring recital offers a unique musical experience as students perform in ensembles with parents, siblings, family friends, or with other students from the Music Clubhouse. At the final spring recital, students are recognized for their achievements during the year. At each recital time, families have a choice of Friday evening or Saturday afternoon and evening performances.

Auditions and Competitions

Music Clubhouse students may participate in a number of events that allow students to receive critique or to compete for opportunities to advance and play in special performances. Though teachers might recommend that students participate in certain events, the final decision to enter is always made by the student and family. They require extra preparation from the student and often require an entry fee. The instructor will make these opportunities available to students as appropriate. These opportunities include offerings of the Kansas City Music Teachers Association, such as Music Progressions (performance critique and theory test).

Enrollment Details

The Music Clubhouse will enroll students throughout the year as the schedule permits. Teachers have an informal interview with new students to review their previous study, if applicable, and place them at appropriate levels using piano study materials best suited for their needs.

Private summer study is available through June and July. The schedule can be flexible, allowing for family vacations and other events.

Need more information or ready to sign up? Please email Janet Johnson, Director, at with questions or to schedule an interview.

Private Piano Program (August-May)
• 33 private lessons
• 2 Performance Club classes

Lesson length:

30, 45 or 60 minutes, based on age and availability

Weekly for 35 weeks, excluding holidays
Program calendar

Program costs:
Varies, depending on length of each lesson, number of weeks in the program, and level of instructor (see below).


Tuition by Instructor

All prices include two performance club group sessions and 33 individual lessons.

Janet Johnson


Lesson Length per year per mo.
30-minutes ea. $1,120 $112
45-minutes ea. $1,680 $168
60-minutes ea. $2,240 $224

Daniel Bruggeman
and Olivia Zimmermann

Senior Piano Instructors

Lesson Length per year per mo.
30-minutes ea. $1,060 $106
45-minutes ea. $1,590 $159
60-minutes ea. $2,120 $212

Christy Miller

Master-level instructor

Lesson Length per year per mo.
30-minutes ea. $960 $96
45-minutes ea. $1,440 $144
60-minutes ea. $1,920 $192

Tali Wilson

Bachelor-level instructor

Lesson Length per year per mo.
30-minutes ea. $840 $84
45-minutes ea. $1,260 $126
60-minutes ea. $1,680 $168


The policies stated below have been carefully constructed to insure a quality relationship between the student and the instructor. The intent is to provide a sound educational environment for the student.

Tuition Payment Options
Tuition may be paid in full upon enrollment or in ten monthly installments at no additional charge (August through May). The August installment is due by the student’s first lesson, and the remaining nine installments are due by the tenth of each month, September through May. A $10 LATE FEE WILL BE ASSESSED FOR LATE PAYMENT. Lessons will be discontinued when the student’s account becomes 15 days past due. Tuition rates for each instructor may be found below. Tuition checks should be made payable to the student’s private teacher.

Materials and Other Supplies
Materials needed for lessons and classes vary according to the student’s level of ability and length of lesson. Books and other materials needed may be purchased through the J. W. Pepper and Sons website,

An academic year of study includes 33 private lessons and two group classes. Students are encouraged to arrive promptly for lessons and classes. Teaching sessions will not extend past the scheduled ending time to compensate for late arrivals.

No make-up lessons or classes will be given to compensate for a student’s absence, and no refund of fees will be made. However, if you wish to participate in our lesson swap system, you may request from your teacher the contact information of other participating students. Then, if you see that there will be a conflict with your lesson time, you may contact another student and arrange to swap lesson times that week. Please notify your instructor of the change once it has been confirmed.

Inclement Weather
If Lawrence Public Schools close due to inclement weather, the Music Clubhouse will be closed as well. Our website will be updated in the event of a weather closing. All classes and lessons cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled.

Performance Club Classes
During Performance Club weeks, students will not attend their regularly scheduled private lessons but instead will attend a group class. The classes will be offered throughout the week, Monday through Friday. Sign-up sheets will be posted in the waiting room of The Music Clubhouse. Multiple class times will be offered each day of the week, and each class will be taught by two of our teachers. Students will sign up for the Performance Club class that best suits their schedule, and if possible, when their private teacher will be present. Each class will be limited to eight students. Performance Club classes will meet in lieu of private lessons the weeks of October 10-14, 2016 and April 10-14, 2017.