Here are some questions and answers about the Music Clubhouse, our programs and class policies.

If you would like to suggest a question for this page, please email the director.

Can a child enter Piano Detectives Club at any point in the year?
It depends on the child’s age and ability and on the size of existing classes. Occasionally, we add a new student into an existing class if the child has previous piano study or if the child is willing to take some private lessons (at additional cost) along with Detectives in order to “catch up” with the group. Parents should contact the director for evaluation and placement if pursuing this option. Of course, if placement in a Piano Detectives Club class is not possible, private lessons are always available.

What if I cannot attend one of my classes?
There are no refunds for missed classes or lessons. Since Piano Detectives Club classes are at many different levels, make-up classes are not possible, but you can email your teacher to request a copy of the week’s assignment. Private piano lessons can only be rescheduled by switching lesson times with another student. You may request a “swap list” from your teacher and make those arrangements when necessary. Please notify your instructor of the change once it has been arranged.

What happens if the Music Clubhouse cancels a class due to inclement weather?
Please check local media outlets for school closings. If Lawrence Public Schools USD 497 has cancelled classes due to weather, the Music Clubhouse will as well. We will also send out a broadcast email to all enrolled families. All classes and lessons cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled.

Why is the materials fee for Piano Detectives Club non-refundable?
We must order materials for each class in advance. Returning materials for students who do not actually attend is costly and often not allowed by our vendor.

Do you offer payments for class tuition in installments?
Yes. For private piano and Piano Detectives classes we offer the opportunity to make monthly tuition installments over the course of your enrollment term. Please contact Janet if you need to make special payment arrangements.