Music for all levels at the Music Clubhouse!

SingFirst Music and Movement Classes are unique opportunities for our very youngest musicians to learn along with their parent/caregiver. Child/adult pairs who participate will find developmentally appropriate activities, ways that they can extend music growth beyond the classroom, and connection to others who are seeking the same kind of educationally supportive environment. Learn more

The Piano Detectives Club is a program for children, ages 5 through 7 years old, designed to give beginners a positive first experience at the piano. The program offers both group and private instruction and has received national acclaim. Learn more

Private Piano Study is a collaborative learning experience between student and teacher. Students learn sound musicianship from the earliest years that moves them toward independent life skills at the piano. With this approach, students may pursue piano and music at advanced levels or simply have the ability to make music in all areas of their lives. Learn more

The Artist Musician Program provides a rich environment for musical growth for high-achieving piano students. It is tailored to fit highly ambitious students who thrive on challenge and inspiration to reach their highest potential. Our ultimate goal is to fully engage these students with their love of piano playing. Learn more

The Parent Support Program is a mini piano course for those with a child currently taking piano lessons. Maybe you would like to experience what your child experiences during a piano lesson? Or perhaps you’ve become frustrated trying to help your child with piano practice at home? We will give you the basic piano and music knowledge  to help you understand what and how your child is trying to learn. Learn more

College Class Piano Prep is a free, one-hour seminar that introduces high school students to college class piano. These interactive sessions feature demonstrations of required skills, explanation of how students are placed in various levels, and helpful advice on how to conduct efficient daily practice for class piano. The emphasis here is on success as a musician, not just class piano. Learn more